Group English exam course for teenagers online, preparing for the FCE for schools (non-native speakers) or CAE for schools (native speaker)


English language courses “Premium VALUE”

Start of classes: Autumn 2024
Scheldue: optional
The course includes: 60 lessons x 45 minutes
Teacher: Non-Native Speaker or Native Speaker
Location: online


+ 3 months of free access to the Cambridge Online Tutor educational platform – The key to success: blended learning

+ 1 month of free access to the Cambridge AI Speech Tutor platform – an innovative tool for self-learning English pronunciation

+ confirmation of completion of the course


***Hours of courses are given in UTC+01:00 (Western European Summer Time) ***

Group English exam course for teenagers online, preparing for the FCE for schools (non-native speakers) or CAE for schools (native speaker)

+ e-learning platform for self-learning English pronunciation and accent

Are you preparing for the FCE for schools or CAE for schools exam? Do you want to pass a certificate at the highest level? Then we have a solution for you – we invite you to our Group English exam course for teenagers online, preparing for the FCE for schools (non-native speakers) or CAE for schools (native speaker) + e-learning platform for self-learning English pronunciation and accent! You will learn not only with highly qualified teachers, but also have a chance to improve your pronunciation with our online tool that you can test right now, absolutely for free!


Group English exam course for teenagers online, preparing for the FCE for schools (non-native speakers)

Cambridge FCE is one of the most popular language exams. The obtained certificate confirms the ability to use English, used every day, necessary at work and study, at the B2 level. It is honored by many universities and educational institutions, as well as employers around the world.

During the FCE online course with a teacher, we will focus on:

  • developing all language skills: speaking, listening, writing, reading;
  • work with examination papers taking into account all 4 parts (Reading and Use of English, Writing. Listening, Speaking);
  • improving the skills of conducting free conversations in English;
  • polishing the ability to express opinions and present the pros and cons of a given situation with the use of
  • grammar and vocabulary at the intermediate level (B2);
  • writing various forms of speech in English (letters, e-mails, reports, stories on topics that are of interest to young people and others);
  • improving the ability to conduct a presentation in English on topics from everyday life.


Group English exam course for teenagers online, preparing for the CAE for schools (native speaker)

The C1 Advanced (CAE) exam is also known as the Certificate in Advanced English (CAE). It certifies that you have a command of English at the level expected of a professional working in business or an undergraduate student. If you want to learn more about the CAE exam – please click here.

During the CAE online course with a native speaker:

  • we systematize and complete the knowledge of grammar at an advanced level;
  • we will comprehensively repeat and expand the knowledge of the required thematic and general vocabulary;
  • we will get acquainted with the structure of the exam, types of tasks, examination techniques, we will learn to work under time pressure;
  • we will solve sample exam sheets and conduct simulations of exam situations;
  • we will improve the ability to communicate in various everyday life situations;
  • we will practice writing various types of texts that argue, describe or relate the course of events;
  • we will focus on improving the Reading Comprehension, Listening, Writing and Speaking preparation.


Group English exam course for teenagers online

Our group courses are characterized by a pleasant atmosphere and effective learning to speak. The groups consist of relatively few people, so the teacher can focus on each participant individually, which helps in learning.

Working in a group has the advantage that it gives many opportunities to communicate in a foreign language with different people. You don’t just talk to the teacher, you can talk to all participants while practicing your level of speaking and listening. You will get rid of the language barrier faster and you will feel comfortable among people who are at the same language level as you.

During one month’s full access and login to our international learning platform ““ to prepare for the online exam:

  • cards for learning vocabulary and grammar
  • tracking progress
  • 204 sample exercises
  • 63 training hours
  • 3 practice tests
  • study plan, including the date of the exam


E-learning platform for self-learning English pronunciation and accent

E-learning platform for learning correct English pronunciation
Cambridge AI Speech Tutor is an innovative tool that has been created to allow you to learn the correct accent online, without the need to involve another person or a teacher. The tool very carefully analyzes spoken sentences, words and even individual sounds and evaluates them in the form of percentages. The higher the percentage, the better the sound was pronounced.

Why use the Cambridge AI Speech Tutor?
First of all, because learning English pronunciation is very important, but unfortunately it is often forgotten and focuses on other linguistic levels, especially online learning. Thanks to our unusual solution – the Cambridge AI Speech Tutor, this gap is filled. From now on, you will not be afraid of talking in English, going abroad or communicating in a foreign language at work. With the help of our tool you will avoid or overcome a possible language barrier. The Cambridge AI Speech Tutor is the perfect learning platform for busy people as it can be used anytime, anywhere. It is a great solution to combine with traditional blended-learning courses. You can learn pronunciation outside of class and learn even more effectively!

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Start your learning today and become a true master of English pronunciation! All you need to do is select the appropriate access length variant (1 day trial), add it to the cart, and in it, in the appropriate window, enter the above-mentioned Cambridge-AI-100 code. Take advantage of the promotion!

Find out more about our innovative tool here and on our global website.


Comprehensive educational e-learning platform – Key to success

The e-learning platform, offered by our English language school Cambridge School of English, is a modern tool used as a supplement to traditional General English and Business English courses, but also to prepare for all the different English language exams and certificates online with a lector. It is a great online solution that allows you to study in the blended-learning or flipped classroom formula, but also as a comprehensive independent language learning.

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Just click there on “Take the test” and complete the free level test, and our team will assign you a 3 days free trial of our great English online learning platform “Cambridge Online Tutor“.



There’s no registration fee.

For the course to start, the group should consist of at least four people.



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