How online language lessons help beginners and advanced students learn and improve English online at our English language school?

How online language lessons help beginners and advanced students learn and improve English online at our English language school?

ONLINE is the best place to learn English! It is the most flexible way to learn and develop new skills.

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If you are looking for General English language courses online to study English with us at our language school, you will be in the best place to learn the English language or also other languages and explore the new communications skill out there in the global world!

Here’s what we have to offer at Cambridge School Online:

  • We run General English language courses online for students of all ages (kids, teenagers, 16+ and adults) at our own virtual class platforms but also at other ones like Zoom, Google Meet, MS Team, Skype and many more
  • Our standard English courses online run all year round for beginners till advanced level, at any time you want and need as individual language lessons or as closed group classes online for companies and institutions
  • Choose the length and intensity of your English online course and lessons
  • Choose the time you study – we offer a range of English courses and lessons online to suit your needs and expectations
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How will I learn English online at Cambridge School online?

Our approach to teaching English in Cambridge School of English helps students to develop their language skills in order to be able to communicate effectively in any English speaking environment. Our English language lessons are based around topics which incorporate the basic skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Our selected, experienced and qualified language teachers use in the blended learning modus via virtual class platforms, modern course books, e-learning platforms and audio-visual materials during their online language classes. Every effort is made to make your English language learning experience at Cambridge School of English online both varied and exciting!

At many online language schools, student-centred teaching is recognised as the most effective way to learn languages. The Director of Studies at Cambridge School of English guides all teachers in focusing on each individual’s language needs. Tutoring and Teaching includes all aspects of the English language such as grammar, functions, phonology and vocabulary.

At our language school, we use interesting online classroom activities carried out through pair and group work to encourage interaction and to motivate students. Our friendly staff enjoy a very good relationship with the students, creating the optimum environment for learning English online.

Our staff offer guidance and support to all our students from the moment they enquire about the language courses at Cambridge School of English online until they complete their online studies.

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Which level will I be in at Cambridge School of English?

When you first get in touch with Cambridge School of English online, you will be given an online placement test and short interview to find the right level for you.

Here are the levels available at our school of English:

Level 1           Beginners

Level 2           Elementary

Level 3           Lower Intermediate

Level 4           Intermediate

Level 5           Upper Intermediate

Level 6           Advanced

Level 7           Proficiency

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One-To-One Intensive English lessons online at Cambridge School of English online!

We also offer intensive English courses and One-to-One individual English lessons online specifically designed for you as an individual student. These Online English classes can be taken at any time during the day, and for any combination of hours. It is also possible to combine the One-To-One online course modules with our General English, Business English and Intensive IELTS courses online.

With all One-to-One courses, tutoring and individual classes, a detailed needs analysis is carried out by the experienced teachers at our school of English, in order to assess your needs as a student. This means that the content and structure of the online English course can be adapted to match individual requirements, making this the most effective way to learn English online!

See our price list for special packages at Cambridge School of English online! 

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Can I take an exam at the end of my course at Cambridge School of English online?

At our school of English, students also have the opportunity to study for exams in English. Cambridge examinations in English as a Foreign Language are known all over the world and are recognised by employers and institutions in many countries. As the examinations cover the four language skills, i.e. listening, speaking, reading and writing, they indicate the ability of the certificate holder to communicate effectively in English.

Cambridge School of English online offers exam preparation courses and lessons online using relevant course materials, and extra homework help is available to practice for the relevant English language exams. The Cambridge exam fee is not included in the English course and lesson price.

The Cambridge TEFL exam preparation courses and lessons at our English language school are:

Elementary                                                 Key English Test (KET)

Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate     Preliminary English Test (PET)

Upper-Intermediate                                First Certificate in English (FCE)

Advanced                                                   Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)

Proficiency                                                Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE)

Candidates should enrol for a minimum of 12 weeks before Cambridge exams.

Commited to providing the best value. Look for the best General English language courses online! Learn General English online. Come and join us at Cambridge School of English online, our English language school in the online world.