Levels of language proficiency

If you are worried about your proficiency and level, don’t fret. We conduct a thorough level placement test at the beginning of each course. The various levels, and a basic description of what each entails are outlined below.  


The Council of Europe has introduced a six-point scale determining the level of language proficiency:

A1 – Beginner / Beginner

You are just starting your adventure with language. At this level, you will learn how to introduce yourself and others, use colloquial phrases and everyday vocabulary, which will allow you to conduct simple conversations. You will be able to ask and answer questions about your origin and the environment in which you live.


A2 Elementary / Pre-intermediate lower intermediate

You already know the basic phrases and expressions, thanks to which you are able to communicate in everyday situations. You can handle situations that require simple and direct exchange of information on common and known topics.


B1 Intermediate

Congratulations! You’ve already mastered the basics. You no longer have major problems communicating when traveling abroad. You can describe your plans or dreams and justify your choice. You understand the importance of the main threads of the message, whether written or during a conversation, on basic and typical topics.


B2 Upper / post-intermediate

You are beginning to understand more complicated things. You can formulate a clear written or oral statement on many different topics. In addition, you can now have a natural conversation with other language users.


C1 Advanced

You are getting closer to language excellence! You can express yourself fluently and you can easily find the right wording. Your statements are clear, well-structured and deal with complex problems. You use the language freely in everyday, social, school or professional life.

C2 – proficient or proficient

This is the last and highest level of language proficiency. If you have achieved it, it means that your foreign language is almost as close to you as your native language. Congratulations! You can speak fluently on various topics, you can express your thoughts precisely and without thinking first. You understand everything you read and hear.