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Our "Cambridge" School of English is a professional English language school and training provider, ...

… which helps our students to learn online English and other languages by providing quality English and other language courses and lessons for groups and individuals of all age groups from kids and teens to adults and seniors online. We also provide language training to many global companies and institutions, like Nestle, Samsung, different ministries and universities, as well as EU institutions, courts and foundations online on a global scale, from Paraguay and the United States to Japan and Australia

Our main focus is helping our students to achieve their personal learning goals in the best way possible, starting with an initial assessment of their level, purpose of their study and expected outcome, as well as personal goals, selecting an appropriate qualified and experienced language teacher, supported by well-selected and high quality materials, platforms and tools for self-study and also blended learning.

We have great e-learning platforms ...

… (both of our own as well as those of our partners) which support learning of 150+ languages. But of course, the main focus is on learning English, for which we have our own great platforms where you can learn General English from A1 to C2 level, all different topics of Business English or just prepare for many international English or other language exams, like PET, KET, FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL, DELE, DELF WiDaF, HSK and many more – and they all do include several different mock exams to prepare for the relevant language exam in the best way possible.

They are also appropriate for kids to support them in their initial learning steps, like for the YLE exams. Our educational e-learning platforms also fit perfectly for blended learning with your teachers, who can have access to the student’s progress and optimize learning outcomes and achievement of goals in the best and most exciting way.

Our great Cambridge Online Tutor and also our platform are the perfect tools supporting the learning experience and outcome, and also give access to exercises from the best 350 English books from the top publishing houses.

We even have an innovative self-learning platform (Cambridge AI Speech Tutor Pro) with artificial intelligence support, where users can learn a British, American or Australian accent online in the most flexible way. This platform allows the user to work on all personal topics and sentences, get detailed and deep analysis about their speech, but also have native speakers speaking sentences of your choice in real time.

There are also of course other materials and tools available – but the key success factor is definitely our well selected and experienced pool of teachers, which are all checked by our academic team, and where is also a quality process embedded through lesson observations, to make sure that a high quality level of teaching is maintained throughout the whole learning process.

We also develop our own programmes based on the briefing of our clients, and our reference list is extensive and is available on demand.

Our priority is a joyful learning experience and the successful achievement of goals, in the best way possible. Our whole organization is devoted to delivering this goal and our students' achievement.

Learn English online with flexible timing and locations

English language tutoring and lessons online - Learn English online - Fast and focused on your personal goals

Thanks to the optimized combination of our different tools and possibilities, being able to combine the well selected teachers supporting our students in our own virtual classroom platform with our blended and e-learning platforms, we do achieve the best learning progress and outcome within the shortest period of time, thanks to our education competences and experiences.

Best English language learning materials and online platforms

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You can check out our e-learning platforms for free, using the free trial versions:

• our unique and innovative "Cambridge AI Speech Tutor" - the revolutionary online self-learning platform to teach you how to speak like a n English Native Speaker (chose to learn British, American or Australian English online, get "indication" on your English Speaking score for IELTS and TOEIC as well as your indicative CEFR level) - while registration for the 1 day trial, use coupon code: CSO-1day-free

• our Online Exam preparation courses (16 exam preparations courses for i.e. FCE, CAE, IELTS, .... for exams in 5 languages) - "free trial login data at the individual products in our webshop"

• our TEFL online courses - 14 days free trial when registering at our platform

• our "All-in-One" Cambridge Online Tutor platform to learn General English A1-C2, Business English or prepare for the different English language exams - Try it out for FREE and register on the page for the free English placement test by clicking on "Take the test"

Contact us now and get your free trial version access or just sign up by using the relevant information on the websites.

Online language lessons with teachers - Learn English online with native speakers

"Cambridge" School of English - an English language school with more than 30 years of experiences

"Cambridge" School of English - in our group of English language schools we are serving more than 5.000 students online with our more than 600 qualified, experienced and selected teachers, providing in average more than 10.000 lessons a month.

Cambridge School Online - our English language school platform to learn English online

is the Online learning platform for our virtual classes and online learning with real teachers, which belongs to our group of language schools and partners.

Our students do come from all over the world (out of more than 50 countries). We, as language school, do conduct English and language courses online (biggest part is English courses online) and business training for private individuals as well as companies and institutions – approximately 120,000 lessons a year.

Our philosophy is simple: we focus on the highest possible quality of teaching while providing the best possible prices.

And our background is a real learning and language education experience for many, many years.

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