Online English language courses – English pronunciation courses – British accent (British Master) or American accent (American Master) native speaker


Online English language courses – English pronunciation courses – British accent (British Master) or American accent (American Master) native speaker

Start: February or March 2024

Schedule: Wednesdays or Fridays 4:15 PM – 5:45 PM

The course includes: 16 lessons x 45 minutes

Teacher: Native speaker

Location: Online


English language courses “Premium VALUE”

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***Hours of courses are given in UTC+01:00 (Western European Summer Time) ***

Online English language courses – English pronunciation courses – British accent (British Master) or American accent (American Master) native speaker


We invite you to attend our Online English language courses – English pronunciation courses – British accent (British Master) or American accent (American Master) native speaker where you will learn how to correctly use the British and American variants of English language and your language barrier will disappear!


The lessons are conducted by our native-speaker teachers with a higher education and professional training. They will help you get accustomed to the language and get used to using it in its natural sound.


Participants of the course will learn the sound system of the British or American accent, through:


  • discussion of a given issue by the teacher;
  • practical exercises (listening to recordings and model pronunciation, imitating, reading words, phrases, sentences and replaying dialogues) – aimed at improving pronunciation.


The listeners will constantly get feedback about the mistakes that they make, their progress and practical tips on how to enhance their pronunciation.


The courses will also include exercises on word linking, word and sentence stress, vowel pronunciation as well as weak and strong forms. The training also includes a discussion of the relationship between spelling and pronunciation, silent letters and exceptions.


Elements of phonetic notation will be introduced, which will enable the students to use pronunciation dictionaries on their own.


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Mainly because learning the correct English pronunciation is very important, but unfortunately it is often forgotten and ignored, while other language skills are more highlighted – especially on online learning platforms. Thanks to our extraordinary solution – Cambridge AI Speech Tutor that gap is filled. From now on conversations in English, trips abroad, or communication in English in your workplace will no longer frighten you. With the help of our tool you will avoid or overcome your language barrier. Cambridge AI Speech Tutor is the ideal platform for overworked people, because it can be used at any time of the day and anywhere. It is a great tool to connect with traditional courses in the blended learning formula. You can learn correct pronunciation after the lessons and learn even more effectively!


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The e-learning platform, offered by our English language school Cambridge School of English, is a modern tool used as a supplement to traditional General English and Business English courses, but also to prepare for all the different English language exams and certificates online with a lector. It is a great online solution that allows you to study in the blended-learning or flipped classroom formula, but also as a comprehensive independent language learning.

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