English language courses online – General English, Business English, Specialist and Preparation for language exams courses

General English course online

This English language course online is suitable for everyone, for both those who are just starting their adventure with English and those who want to deepen, and expand their knowledge.

Suitable for teens, adults and seniors alike. The aim of the English language course online is to achieve a sufficient level of fluency that allows full unhindered communication. In this course, we focus mainly on four main aspects: speaking, writing, listening and vocabulary. These are the main fundamental skills when it comes to learning any language.

In this course you will learn English and its correct pronunciation online. You will no longer have problems understanding native speakers, and you will also learn how to pronounce all words correctly. English pronunciation will stop being a challenge for you!

We also place great emphasis on reading comprehension. You will familiarize yourself with texts on various topics and levels, and then your task will be to answer questions about their content.

Do you find it difficult to write in English? Do you hate doing it because you are afraid of making a grammatical mistake? Do not worry, after our course, all fears will disappear and you won’t even remember about them. You will learn to write various types of texts, from the most basic ones, such as descriptions, to those more complex, such as essays. You will also learn two basic styles, formal and informal.

Business English course online

It goes without saying, that English is very important in modern day professional life. It has become the international language of business the world over, and is most definitely a prerequisite for anyone choosing to engage in business these days. This course was created for people who speak English for business or want to develop their professional careers. We have extensive experience in designing business English training programs, with several formats to choose from. This online Business English course, however, is not for beginners, it is for people starting from intermediate, right through to those with a well-formed knowledge. If you feel unsure what that means for you, why not take a quick look at our Language Levels tab!

In this Business English course, you will learn many key skills needed to communicate in the business world. The exercises have been designed in such a way as to prepare you for independent oral and written business talks, negotiations, persuasion, conflict management and decision making. In addition, you will acquire skills such as:

  • leaving and receiving telephone messages
  • giving presentations
  • team building

The online English lessons will cover topics such as:

  • Management
  • Company structure
  • Human resource Management
  • Banking, finance and stock exchange
  • Franchise
  • Retail sales
  • Globalisation
  • Innovations
  • Success
  • PR
  • E-commerce
  • International trade

If you have dreamt about working in an international company, this course you will give you the ability to write CVs and cover letters in English.

Specialist ESP English courses online (English for Specific Purposes)

Our specialist online English course focuses studies specific to the industry in which you operate. You will master the necessary vocabulary and learn how to use it in everyday situations at work.

English course for Law online

Aimed at lawyers working with foreign clients and translators of legal English language. You will learn hundreds of useful words and expressions from various areas of law. You will gain the ability to draw up contracts and documents.

English course for Tourism online

Are you a hotel or restaurant employee? If the answer is yes, this course is for you! You will acquire practical skills in customer service, presentation and comparison of offers, and coping with stressful situations. After this course, you will be able to easily show people around a place and give valuable advice to your clients.

Our online Banking and Finance English course

is specifically prepared for employees of banks who are working in an international environment or those who are just wishing to improve their qualifications. The specialist online English course addresses issues such as private and corporate banking, accounting, financial statements, tax accounting, tax systems, financial auditing, investments, corporate finance, financial and commercial law, partnerships and capital companies, and of course describing charts.

Our Medicine English course online

has been created for medical staff at all levels. You will learn how to prepare medical records and talk with colleagues and patients on topics related to health and treatment.

Our Easy English Grammar course Online

Is English grammar your nightmare? Are you starting to think that you’ll never figure it out? This course is for you. Ideal for beginners and intermediate level learners. It is an excellent choice for those who care about the correctness of their speech in addition to increasing fluency. In addition, you will gain confidence and no longer be afraid of spontaneous conversations or statements. Finally, thanks to our thorough explanations and numerous examples, you will understand English tenses and complex grammatical structures.

Preparation courses for English and other language exams online

This online English language exam preparation course is a practical yet ideal solution for those people who feel they have already mastered the language material at or above the level of their chosen exam and want to thoroughly learn all the tasks and exam strategies. The following exams are recognized around the world, including but not limited to, schools, universities, employers from both the private and public sector, and state institutions.

  • FCE course online – minimum level required to take the online FCE course – intermediate plus
  • IELTS course online – minimum level required to take the online IELTS course – intermediate
  • CAE course online – the minimum level required to take the online CAE course – upper intermediate
  • CPE course online- minimum level required to take the online CPE course – advanced