English for Tourism & Hospitality – ESP online course

English for Tourism & Hospitality – ESP online Business English course

Our English for Hospitality ESP Online course is designed for students who are interested in developing English language skills for a career in the tourism or hospitality industries – restaurants, hotels etc…

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The ESP online course English for Tourism & Hospitality focuses on developing English language skills through topics of general interest and in particular through themes related specifically to the tourism and hospitality industries.

This ESP online course is designed for employees of hotels and restaurants and focuses on communication skills with a particular emphasis on pronunciation and fluency in speaking English.

This English language online course can be conducted at our training centre or at your offices. Our Director of Studies and the English teacher will establish the requirements of our clients through a needs analysis, both before and during the course and when the student has completed the course.  At the end of the course we will issue a detailed report indicating what the client has covered and achieved during the course.

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Your practical English Language Skills will be developed in the following contexts:

English for Tourism & Hospitality ESP Online Course Overview:

  • answering the telephone
  • taking reservations
  • answering questions
  • dealing with requests
  • taking a message
  • receiving clients
  • asking for information
  • polite requests
  • presenting information
  • replying to clients
  • taking orders
  • delivering room service
  • recommending and comparing
  • dealing with complaints
  • receiving payment/payment queries
  • farewells/giving directions

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