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The Cambridge English exam suite offers internationally recognised English language qualifications which will enhance your CV and open doors around the world.

Cambridge Advanced English C1 Exam Preparation online Course – CAE C1 exam preparation Course online – overview:

Suggested course materials: our special CAE C1 exam preparation e-learning platform with mock exams for best self-learning or, in combination with an experienced English teacher, blended learning effects. On top is also available our Cambridge AI Speech Tutor “Pro”, which is giving you the possibility to train your English-speaking abilities and skills on our self-learning platform at

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Who accepts Cambridge English exams?

Everybody accepts it!

Cambridge examination is recognised as gold standard of English language for speakers of other languages

Cambridge English Advanced C1 Exams Preparation online Courses (CAE courses online) are made up of intensive individual English lessons packages online focusing on the skills for reading, listening, speaking and writing. The English course objective is to give candidates techniques and the English language level to take the Cambridge English exam of your choice with confidence, First, Advanced or Proficiency.

You can join this CAE C1 Exam Preparation online course for the period required to prepare for your exam.

A free placement test must be taken to join the Cambridge English Advanced Exam Preparation online Course – you can find the free online placement test on our website here.

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Cambridge English Advanced C1 Exam Preparation online as individual lessons package in blended learning mode – CAE online Course Description:

  • Practical student-centred communicative methodology

Students are actively involved in the learning process throughout. This is supported by integrated teaching and practice of all four language skills; reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

  • Grammar

A thorough grounding in all aspects of grammar and usage is given, with particular relevance for the ‘use of English’ examination paper.

  • Pronunciation

Pronunciation coaching is an integral part of the classes, this is particularly important for the speaking test where good natural pronunciation and intonation is essential. Good pronunciation will also help to improve listening skills

On top, you can use as well our “Cambridge AI Speech Tutor “Pro”, which is giving you the possibility to train your English Speaking abilities and skills on our self-learning platform at

  •  Vocabulary

A wide range of vocabulary is introduced and explored, relevant to the level of the course and the examination.

  • Familiarity with examination

Students will be given every opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of the examination requirements, its structure, and format. Extensive examination practice will take place with regular tests and examination practice.

  • Assessment

Students are given continuous and honest responses from teachers on coursework (in the blended learning mode by the teacher, on our CAE online self learning platform (which is also integral part of the individual online lessons packages for exam preparation) is the progress shown in real time. There will be many opportunities for practising writing as well as the other skills, and homework assignments will be given regularly, with help and advice from the teacher in blended learning mode.

The English language exam preparation course will have also mock Cambridge exams and individual item practice available in the e-learning platform. Feedback will be offered constantly to help you assess your readiness to pass your Cambridge English exam (either by our English teacher in blended learning mode, or in our self-learning platform in real time progress reports).

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