Premium Value ESP English online courses for working professionals (Specialized English for Specific Purposes online language courses)

Premium Value ESP courses online – Business English online courses for working professionals (English for Specific Purposes – Specialized English language and Business English courses online)

We provide top quality language services to success driven and ambitious companies as well as individuals in order to help them to activate their potentials to reach their educational and business goals.

Online English courses for working professionals (Specialized English language courses )

What are our Premium Value ESP courses online – Business English online courses for working professionals (English for Specific Purposes – Specialized English language and Business English courses online)

Premium Value ESP English online courses for working professionals (Business English for Specific Purposes courses online) are relaxed and comfortable, creating a friendly, encouraging and non-pressured learning environment for our mature language learners, where they can discover their potentials and improve their skills in a safe environment (not having immediate negative impact for whatever mistake made during the training – and we focus on to be able to use the knowledge and skills later on successfully in real life/business situations). The language classes focus is mainly on the selected topic and there on improving verbal communication and increasing confidence in using English, with an additional focus on being able to use English in the specific real life working environment.

Each course is carefully and precisely customized to meet the specific learning requirements of the students and focusing on a selected topic. Our teachers are talented people (often with related business background and experiences) who help students by emphasizing on their individual needs, strengths and know their learning styles. In each different course we believe to boost the student’s individual development and skills by approaching different teaching techniques.

During the ESP English online courses for working professionals (Business English for Specific Purposes online courses), your trainer will carefully correct your errors, so that you do improve your abilities to identify your own errors and develop strategies for understanding others in real-life conversations. This method of error correction is extremely effective in forcing students to acquire and assimilate grammar and vocabulary in personalized speaking and writing tasks.

Your priority is our priority and the classes are set up in a way, that they are goal oriented on the selected topic, in small and effective groups with a maximum on flexibility, which is supposed to satisfy your premium expectations in language lessons.

What makes our ESP English online courses for working professionals “Premium Value”?

  • Flexible 1 : 1 individual language lessons online
  • Key times in mornings and later afternoons/early evenings possible, or whenever it fits for you
  • Priority on bookings – for other products (i.e. Full Immersion Master Classes)
  • Very individual approach – personal assessment of each student about personal goals and needs on top of the placement test – our Business English online language courses are highly customized to satisfy the students seeking to perfect their language skills for their daily work, career or higher education.
  • Either intensive Business English courses, weekend courses or also regular courses
  • Personal Business topics and work related issues can and will be taken into consideration during the course
  • Upon completion, the student will be given Premium Graduation Certificate from Cambridge School of English.
  • Free access to our unique and specialized e-learning platforms during whole course duration

Our selected and qualified teachers (native or non-native speaker) and trainers help you to reach your goals within the shortest time possible within the topic chosen, giving you all the necessary tools you need to improve your Business English language skills quickly, efficiently and effectively, and give you professional advice on how to keep the acquired knowledge and skills. You learn and remember more in an enjoyable and relaxed setting (and training and sharpening your skills within a safe learning environment). You will also work in small groups so you will be able to speak as much English as possible. Our goal is that you will improve your work related Business English language and/or Business skills quickly and efficiently.

Each ESP topic online course is split in 6 lessons 25 minutes or 20 lessons 45 minutes each and do start whenever it fits for you – and students can sign up in a completely flexible way  – doing either all lessons within a day as very intensive ESP online course, split over several days or weeks. 

Short ESP Premium Value Packages vs Longer ESP Premium Value Packages

Short ESP Online Course Packages:

Fast results: Perfect for projects that require fast progress
Limited amount of material: Contain a smaller amount of material, which is ideal for short-term needs or smaller language projects.
Flexibility: Great for boosting new skills for special purposes
Lower initial price: Ideal for those who want to spend less to get started.

Longer ESP Online Course Packages:

Better price per unit: Larger packages offer a more favourable price per unit of material, which translates into savings on larger language projects
Long-term demand: Provide enough material for long-term projects, eliminating the need for many meetings with the teacher.
Reliability: Ensure you always have enough competences on hand to cope with demanding language needs.



The choice between short and longer ESP Premium Value packages depends on your specific needs. Short packages are ideal for smaller, short-term projects or for testing new products. Longer packages, on the other hand, offer better value and are ideal for longer-term projects.
By choosing the right package, you can better manage your budget tailoring courses to your individual needs.

Specialization and Business English goals first!


Business English, but could be also other languages

Target group:

Basically everyone, who is interestetd, willing and able to go for it.


Native speaker or Non-Native Speaker with high qualifications and specialization also on the concrete business topics 

Kind of the ESP Business English course:

All types of ESP Business English courses are possible – from standard to intensive, from weekend to full – anytime, including also key times

Incremental value:

Complete flexibility in combination with a selected teacher and our unique and specialized e-learning platforms creates the Premium Value for the sucessful achievement of the personal learning goals

Minimum language level:

B1 or higher.


Depending on the chosen option.

Group size:

Individual Online lessons using our virtual class platform



Price per session:

Depending also on the topic, location, duration and the teacher/trainer.

See initial calculations in our webshop.

Individual topics – click to learn more

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English for Telephoning and Emailing

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English Courses for the Energy, Oil and Gas Industries

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