English for Business Presentations ESP online language course for business professionals

English online language course for Business Presentations

Why is it worth taking our English online language course for business presentations?

In today’s global economy many different business roles within an organisation require the ability to communicate information and ideas successfully and persuasively in English in a wide variety of contexts and situations. Increasingly there is the need to communicate this information in English to an international audience. It is important to be able to communicate formally with colleagues, clients and stakeholders in English which is clear, well-structured and persuasive. Making effective presentations in English has become an invaluable skill.

English for Business Presentations online ESP course

Turning Theory into Practice

Key in our series of Specialist Group Programmes, this course encourages participants to share ideas and experiences in order to facilitate the development of presentation skills in situations and contexts relevant to their professional work. The programme will be based around the needs of the participants, developing language skills through practice presentations, vocabulary development, language analysis, group discussion and frequent group and individual feedback – all in the context of making professional presentations.

Practical language skills will be developed in the following contexts:

Understanding Presentations

  • Defining and re-defining the objectives of presentation
  • Looking at key components of successful presentations
  • Evaluating what makes a successful presentation – planning, structure, delivery?

Knowing your Audience

  • Who are you presenting to? How do you establish rapport? What are their expectations?
  • What do they already know?
  • Anticipating audience reaction and planning your response

Preparing a Presentation

  • Establishing and conveying your message
  • Organising content – writing scripts, editing material and using notes to emphasise key points
  • Preparing visuals – content, design, clarity, Signposting stages
  • Managing your presentation time effectively
  • Cross-cultural check list – taking into account cultural differences

Showing the Presentation

  • Analysing verbal and non-verbal contributions
  • Improving your confidence and stance, Fine tuning your body language
  • Delivering effective introductions, Being persuasive, Creating an impact
  • Emphasis, repetition and softening
  • Adopting clear and concise English, Pronunciation and voice work
  • Articulation, intonation and stress when presenting in English
  • Referring to visuals, Making recommendations

Advanced Presentation Techniques

  • Tripling
  • Using rhetoric
  • Exploiting contrast

Ending the Presentation

  • Effective endings
  • Summarising and concluding

Dealing with Questions

  • Establishing rapport – how to maintain attention and interest
  • Survival tactics – handling interruptions and objections
  • Techniques for dealing with difficult questions
  • Clarifying and rephrasing

Practical Application

  • Regular mini-presentations
  • Individual and group feedback
  • Video-recording and playback for self-assessment, “Watch and analyse – Discuss and improve”


Benefits to you of our specialised English course

  • Improving your English language and Presentation skills in a relevant context
  • Benchmarking your skills with other professionals
  • Individual feedback on your presentation skills
  • Perfecting your skills in presenting in English to be more persuasive and effective
  • Building on your skills in designing and preparing presentations tailored to your audience
  • Increasing your confidence when presenting to clients, colleagues and stakeholders in English in a variety of scenarios: sales presentations, board meetings, conferences, committees
  • You leave the course with a check list to help you continue self-evaluation and improvement
  • Fast tracking the development in your overall language ability

Bet on your English language development and changes for the better!

The English course for Business Presentation Purposes is intended for professionals and business people who need to present information in English and wish to do so more effectively and convincingly.

Sign up for our course now to increase your possibilities in English-speaking communication, and thus improve your work and develop your professional career.