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Cambridge Online Tutor is a new and innovative e-learning platform for learning English, offered by our language school – Cambridge School of English. It was developed as a modern tool used to complement traditional General English (A1 till C2) and Business English as well es most English language exam preparation online courses with a teacher.

Test our Cambridge Online Tutor educational e-learning platform to learn English online for Free!

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Everyone will find a perfect solution for themselves. The platform offers learning in the blended-learning or flipped classroom formula, as well as comprehensive self-study of a foreign language. Our new methods cover a wider range of English than any other e-learning platform on the market today. There are about 6,000 English tasks at levels from A1 to C2 on the CEFR scale, which allows you to learn freely at every stage of advancement.

The platform provides hundreds of carefully prepared types of exercises, grouped thematically: from grammar quizzes to tasks covering vocabulary, reading, listening, writing, speaking, and business grammar, spelling exercises, proofreading texts and a website dedicated to younger users.

Our materials are linked to 300 manuals, making it a complement to any book and publisher you use.

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Our professional E-learning platform for adults and companies

The user of our professional e-learning platform can view his reports and learning progress on an ongoing basis. The extensive system allows you to create your materials such as texts, audio, video and images. The innovative solution allows you to import videos from the application, i.e. YouTube.

To check your English pronunciation, simply record your voice in speaking development exercises, and the platform will point out all the elements of incorrect pronunciation.

Our goal is to encourage everyone to use the e-learning platform every day, whether they have homework from teachers there or not. To this end, we have created 365 lessons at different levels of the CEFR. Students receive English lessons daily from day one. These include vocabulary, reading, grammar and listening activities. They are available all week long.

The e-learning platform works according to the edutainment principle, which is learning through play. Each user can practice the language in the form of a game that is more engaging to learn and definitely not boring.

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All our authors are DELTA-certified practicing teachers and recognized ELT writers, while the authors of the examination materials are Cambridge ESOL examiners and the authors of the business materials are specialists in business English.

In addition to having entire exams so that users can practice their knowledge, we break each down into its component parts to analyze what it consists of, common pitfalls and tips for solving questions in the right way. Exercises are timed to simulate the exam environment and encourage effective time management. All examination materials are written by practicing Cambridge exam preparation teachers and examiners.

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Professional English E-learning platform for schools and teachers

Each school can use our resource base and its own content to create English language courses for their students. The scheduling feature allows you to create online or classroom lessons for all English classes and teachers throughout the semester in minutes.

Teachers can complete lesson plans on the platform and send their students pre and post-class assignments. Every activity done by students is stored and downloadable by teachers. Teachers can monitor students’ progress individually or in the classroom.

Our platform works on a computer, tablet and smartphone. Each page will be changed to look like your school’s website, complete with your artwork, contact details, and any other content you want.

We have a huge bank of materials available for students. They can freely wander through the virtual library and choose what they want to learn. However, some schools and students prefer a more structured approach to learning, and to this end, we work with schools to create English courses that students can follow. The course is a list of materials, grouped according to the school’s requirements and presented in a linear form. Students work on the materials one unit at a time, and because the English courses are designed according to the school’s needs, teachers can rest assured that students are following the recommended learning order. Schools can create their own courses quickly and easily.

Students are tested for their knowledge in various ways. Tasks include gap filling, pair matching, reordering, error detection exercises, and can be multiple choice. Students can also digitally color photos as well as print them.

Reading and listening tasks cover a wide range of contexts. In these exercises, we place great emphasis on the right English accent and pronunciation. The vocabulary includes lexical sets, broader semantic fields, collocations, word formation, idioms and phrasal verbs.

Each activity performed by the student is recorded on servers and is available for the student and his teacher to view alone or as part of a more comprehensive student progress report.

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Online English courses for kids

Our e-learning platform is also dedicated to the youngest. It is much easier to use, adapted to the needs of the child. It puts much more emphasis on colorful graphics, games, prizes and fun.

The e-learning platform is intended for children aged six to ten. It has special exam practice areas for students taking the exams: Cambridge YLE Starters, Movers and Flyers. Here are activities that students will deal with in the actual exam, such as coloring on the screen and identifying people in a photo. Our general Young Learners area is audio, and cartoon images are included in practice wherever possible.

The youngest users are rewarded each time they log into the platform by collecting coins that can be exchanged for items to be placed in their own treehouse or can be donated to animals that can be placed in their own individual zoo.

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Test our Cambridge Online Tutor educational e-learning platform to learn English online for Free!

Register at
for the free English Level test by clicking on “Take the test“, and after registering there and doing the free level test, we will activate for you the 3 days free trial.