Business English for Telephoning and Emailing online ESP course

Business English for Telephoning and Emailing

Why should you attend our special Business English online language course focused on telephoning and emailing?

Time-poor professionals need to be able to ensure that their messages, whether delivered by telephone or e mail, can be delivered quickly and understood clearly.
In order to do this, you need to ensure a high level of language knowledge and a keen awareness of the culture of the person you are communicating with. In today’s world this is more challenging and more important than ever.
This highly practical English course is designed to provide you with the language, techniques and confidence to write effective emails and communicate effectively by telephone. Thus, turning complex, time consuming tasks into straightforward, enjoyable activities.

Business English for Telephoning and Emailing online ESP language course

Turning Theory into Practice

One of our successful series of specialist group programmes, the professional telephoning and e mail writing course enables participants from all areas of business to develop their ability to talk on the telephone and writing skills for e mails.
For the e mail content, participants will be given a pre-course writing task and the course will then be tailored to deal with their specific needs and priorities. Participants will look at the principles of effective writing, be provided with standard phrases to enable them to write more accurately and efficiently and then put the principles and language into practice during targeted writing tasks.
The telephoning component of the course will focus on cultural differences in communication and look at standard phrases to use on the telephone, together with strategies for checking and clarifying, interrupting and dealing with interruptions. This will be followed by practical telephone role plays and individual feedback.

Core subject areas of our special Business English online Language Course

  • Key functional language for Emails and telephoning
  • Diplomatic and persuasive language
  • Vocal clarity and impact
  • Review and consolidation of grammatical accuracy
  • The Principles of effective writing: clarity, conciseness, consistency, cohesion, correctness and courtesy
  • Strategies for developing effective listening skills
  • Cultural awareness: the UK and the international context

The pre-course writing task will activate language and prepare you for your course. Relevant learning and continuing to learn strategies introduced throughout the course will maximise your progress before, during and after your course. Suitable tailored and published materials will be used throughout your course, with recommendations for self-study material.

Benefits for you from taking part in our Specialised Business English Language Course

  • Making telephoning and emailing in English simpler and more productive
  • Increasing your range of functional language for emails and telephoning
  • Improving your English language skills in contexts relevant to your role
  • Developing your ability to write clearer and more concise e mails more quickly
  • Practising work-related language through relevant role-plays
  • Increasing your confidence when dealing with clients and colleagues in English in face-to-face and telephone situations
  • Fast tracking the development in your overall language ability
  • Improving your self-correction techniques

Bet on your personal English language development and changes for the better!

This course is ideally suited to those professionals who need to write Emails, communicate by telephone and take part in conference calls on a regular basis in the work-place.

Sign up for our Business English online language course for Telephoning and Mailing now to increase your possibilities in English-speaking communication, and thus improve your work and develop your professional career.