Language school offers foreign language learning application for kids, youth, adults, seniors and companies – uTalk

Our language school – Cambridge School of English – started cooperating with the foreign language learning application uTalk, that allows you to learn foreign languages from the very beginning. It is suitable for every beginner who is just starting their adventure with a new foreign language, as well as for intermediate students who want to acquire new knowledge or consolidate what they already know.

The application offers the chance to learn over 150 languages through engaging and professionally-designed assignments.

Most importantly – you don’t need to speak English (or any other foreign language) to learn via uTalk. There are over 20,000 language combinations, which makes it such a great solution for new enthusiasts of a foreign language.

How did uTalk start and is it worth choosing this application?

uTalk is a London-based company that has been in the market for over 30 years. It was founded by Richard Howson and Andrew Ashe – two friends who wanted to find a way to make foreign language learning more effective and interesting. The result of the company’s activities is the creation of a unique application with the same name as the company, which allows you to learn the basics of any foreign language.

How to start using this application

To start your language learning, just choose one of the options available from us:

1 language for 1 year (learning any language for one year – you can choose another language later)

1 language for life-time

Special promotion for Polish language* 

Access to uTalk will be granted to the e-mail address you provide. The only thing that separates you from learning is downloading the application to any device and it’s ready! You can start your adventure with this unique application.

This tool is adapted to every device, so you can download it to your phone, tablet, laptop or computer. The choice depends on your preferences and convenience.

The application is extremely clear and aesthetically-designed, so no one should have a problem finding it.

Help for Ukraine

*Our special promotion for Polish language is especially for all the Ukrainian people who are coming to Poland. We want to help as much as we can to make their time here a little easier, with less comunication problems. E=mc2 association also have 2 000 coupons for 3-months free access for uTalk to learn Polish language.

We want to help those, who needs it the most (like children and mothers etc.) to acclimate, face less problems, spending their time here without that much stress, especially in this time. If you know anybody, who might need this kind of help, please contact as via e-mail: We will then send free access on indicated e-mail.

What does the application include?

On the platform you will find 180 hours of study each month, 2500 useful words and phrases and over 60 topics for each language.

Everything is designed to guide you through the best path to learn your chosen language. The difficulty level increases with each type of quest, so you can feel the progress you’re making and not be overwhelmed at the very beginning with lots of information.

The application focuses on activating different areas of the brain by influencing different senses. All tasks have pictures corresponding to the new vocabulary to help associate animage with the word. For this task, they develop the skills of listening, reading, speaking, and memory – often all at once, in a fun and interesting way!

What do the lessons in this application look like?

In each topic you will find a complete, clear and interesting way to learn a foreign language online. Each lesson starts with practicing the language, and then the application guides you gradually through the tasks, from easier to more and more difficult.

  1. Phrases Practice. This is a warm-up before studying for real. That puts no pressure on you, but gives you a chance to practice your new vocabulary. Thanks to this, you can check which words are easier for you and which words you have a problem with. After clicking on the selected word or phrase, you will hear the voice of a native speaker together with a thematic picture, making it easier for you to remember. Transcription in your own language will help you find out the meaning of the new words.
  2. Easy Game. In this part, learning officially begins. You are presented with 4 photos, from which you have to choose one that corresponds to what the native speaker says on the recording you hear. The most important thing in this part is listening carefully, which will lead you to get the maximum number of points, and without which you won’t be able to go any further.
  3. Speaking Game. This is a stage that users often find uncomfortable at the beginning as it involves recording their own voice. Don’t worry – it comes naturally later! You record your answer by saying the words on the screen into the microphone. Then comes the picture-picking game as before, but this time you choose pictures based on your own voice, not the native speaker, which makes you really listen to what is being said. This exercise will also help you recognize what you need to work on in your pronunciation. At the same time, you slowly break down your language barrier and build self-confidence in speaking a foreign language! 
  4. Hard Game. In this part you have to match the pictures with the words you hear. As opposed to Easy Game, each round of showing pictures and audio gets more and more difficult.
  5. Memory Game. This is the most difficult activity in the uTalk app. You need to know not only which of the pictures will match the word you are saying, but also where it is on the screen, as you will only see them for a moment before the relevant card turns over to hide it. Only when the pictures are obscured will you hear the voice of a native speaker, which needs to be adjusted. You start with two photo cards and the number gradually increases. This exercise tests how well you know the new vocabulary because you really need to know the meanings of the words when you don’t have much time to translate in your head.
  6. Recall Game. This is part of the revision of everything you’ve learned. However, while the previous games were mostly listening, this one focuses on speaking, which activates other parts of the brain. Words or phrases are given and then spoken into the microphone, and you compare yourself to the recording of a native speaker.

Some of the themes in the app have been created in a video version that rely entirely on your speaking skills. You will see native speakers speaking, saying short phrases and conducting dialogues on the screen. Then you will play a series of games that will require you to repeat the newly-learned vocabulary into the microphone.

Online language learning opportunities in the application

uTalk allows you to learn over 150 foreign languages in your own language thanks to 20,000+ language combinations. You can learn popular languages such as German, French and Spanish, to little-known languages such as Assamese, Chichewa, Gujarati and even Ancient Greek!

The application was created by scientists, researchers and linguists, and over 1,000 native speakers took part in its creation. It is also supported by non-profit organizations such as Aajege, Culture Vannin or Ladino 21. Thanks to all this, uTalk is an extremely comprehensive, substantive and professional educational application for learning foreign languages.

Start the adventure with your dream language with this unique application, which we offer in our language school, Cambridge School of English!

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