English for Diplomats and Public Service Officials online ESP course for professionals

English for Diplomats and Public Service Officials

English is a key international language for inter-governmental relations, for NGOs and for public bodies of many different types. The ability to contribute to meetings and debates, chair meetings, persuade people to your point of view is an essential tool for Diplomats, Government Representatives, Members of Parliament, Civil Servants and those on international working parties – among many others.

Who is this English online language course for?

  • Diplomatic personnel;
  • Government employees;
  • International agency staff;
  • Those working in international diplomacy;
  • People engaged in international working parties;
  • Those on fact-finding tours;
  • All those working internationally in the public or NGO sector.

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English for Diplomats and Public Service Officials online ESP course for professionals

Why should you attend our specialised English for Specific Purposes online course?

This course will enable you to take part in meetings, discussions, debates, working parties and information exchanges with confidence, fluency and persuasiveness. The programme will develop language skills through discussion, role-plays, presentations, vocabulary development, language analysis and frequent group and individual feedback. There will also be many opportunities to participate in discussions and debates with other professionals.

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Aims and Benefits of this Programme

  • To be more confident when using English in a diplomatic setting in order to help create a professional representation of your organisation, party or country;
  • To develop the language to chair, participate in and conduct meetings and discussions in an international environment;
  • To be able to use more appropriate diplomatic language during negotiations, especially when resolving conflict;
  • To build on vocabulary used when discussing trade, business, economics, current and foreign affairs;
  • To make clearer, more effective speeches and presentations on a wide range of topics;
  • To develop language used when socialising and entertaining foreign guests;
  • To write clear and concise emails.

The English for Specific Purposes online course will include topics from the following areas and will be based on the needs of the participants of each group. A Needs Analysis before the programme will ensure that each course is appropriate to the requirements of the group.

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Effective Communication

  • Reporting back to colleagues with descriptions of complex international issues;
  • Introducing yourself, your function, your targets;
  • Describing the role and scope of your organisation, political group or working party;
  • The language and procedures of meetings;
  • Taking part in complex negotiations, language for presenting information;
  • Reporting adverse events, asking about implications, giving advice.

International Meetings

  • Formal / Informal meetings, chairing a meeting;
  • Preparing opening statements, asking for input, giving opinions, listening to discussions;
  • Responding to questions and suggestions, making effective speeches.

International Negotiations

  • Preparing your opening statement, stages of a negotiation;
  • Establishing your parameters, agreeing and disagreeing, making offers and suggestions;
  • Understanding each other’s position, red lines and compromises, reaching agreement.

International Presentations

  • Preparing your content & planning your presentation, understanding your audience;
  • Dealing with questions, handling negative reactions & closing and summarising.

Written Communication

  • Reading complex reports in English & reading for gist;
  • Writing emails – formal and informal;
  • Summarising and reviewing.

Outside the Formal Workplace

  • Welcoming guests & introductions and greetings;
  • Hosting major events, Socialising, Networking, Small talk.

Language Development

  • Grammar clinic, tense review, vocabulary building
  • Fluency development, writing emails, building listening skills, improving reading skills.
A diplomat woman speaking English for Diplomats and Public Service Officials ESP online language course - learning foreign languages online in a language school - business english courses

Benefits for you as a Diplomat or Public Service Official:

  • Improving your professional English skills through discussing relevant, challenging topics
  • Developing your ability to participate in complex and detailed discussions in English
  • Benchmarking your knowledge with other professionals from the same field
  • Discussing relevant, challenging case studies
  • Increasing your confidence in English
  • Developing language skills which could be key to career progression

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