Online Exam preparation courses (TOEFL, IELTS, FCE, CAE, CPE), with non-native speaker or native speaker


English language courses “Premium VALUE”

Start: Autumn 2024

Schedule: Choose best option for yourself!

The course includes: 60 lessons x 45 minutes

Teacher: Native speaker or Non-native speaker

Location: Online


+ 3 months of free access to the Cambridge Online Tutor educational platform – The key to success: blended learning

+ 1 month of free access to the Cambridge AI Speech Tutor platform – an innovative tool for self-learning English pronunciation

+ confirmation of completion of the course


***Hours of courses are given in UTC+01:00 (Western European Summer Time)***

Online Exam preparation courses (TOEFL, IELTS, FCE, CAE, CPE), with non-native speaker or native speaker

+ our unique self-learning platform for learning correct pronunciation in English and to speak like an English Native Speaker


If you want to pass the English language certificate of your dreams on the highest level – we introduce you to our Online exam preparation courses (TOEFL, IELTS, FCE, CAE, CPE) with a non-native speaker or native speaker + our unique self-learning platform for learning correct pronunciation in English and also to speak like an English Native Speaker.


Online Exam preparation courses (TOEFL, IELTS, FCE, CAE, CPE) with non-native speaker or native speaker


During our exam preparation courses we will:


  • repeat and expand the needed thematic and general vocabulary;
  • introduce you to the exam’s structure, the kinds of questions and tasks, examining techniques and how to deal with time pressure and work around it;
  • solve exemplary exam papers and simulate exam situations;
  • improve the ability to communicate in various situations of everyday life;
  • practice writing various types of texts that argue, describe or relate the course of events;
  • focus on improving the understanding of written text (Reading Comprehension), spoken text (Listening), writing (Writing) and preparation for the oral exam (Speaking).


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Our e-learning platform for learning correct pronunciation in English

Cambridge AI Speech Tutor is an innovative tool that was made to make online learning of a correct pronunciation and accent possible without the need of another person’s or a teacher’s help. The tool analyzes the spoken phrases, words and even specific sounds and rates them in percentages. The higher the percentage, the better was the specific sound/phrase/word pronounced.

Choose between British and American English to learn!


Why is Cambridge AI Speech Tutor worth it?

Mainly because learning the correct English pronunciation is very important, but unfortunately it is often forgotten and ignored, while other language skills are more highlighted – especially on online learning platforms. Thanks to our extraordinary solution – Cambridge AI Speech Tutor that gap is filled. From now on conversations in English, trips abroad, or communication in English in your workplace will no longer frighten you. With the help of our tool you will avoid or overcome your language barrier. Cambridge AI Speech Tutor is the ideal platform for overworked people, because it can be used at any time of the day and anywhere. It is a great tool to connect with traditional courses in the blended learning formula. You can learn correct pronunciation after the lessons and learn even more effectively!


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Start your studies today and become a real champion of English pronunciation!

All you have to do is choose the appropriate variant of access length (1 day trial), add to the basket, and enter the following code in the appropriate window – Cambridge-AI-100.

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Comprehensive educational e-learning platform – Key to success

The e-learning platform, offered by our English language school Cambridge School of English, is a modern tool used as a supplement to traditional General English and Business English courses, but also to prepare for all the different English language exams and certificates online with a lector. It is a great online solution that allows you to study in the blended-learning or flipped classroom formula, but also as a comprehensive independent language learning.

Try it out for free by completing our free English online level test and get a free 3 days trial –

Just click there on “Take the test” and complete the free level test, and our team will assign you a 3 days free trial of our great English online learning platform “Cambridge Online Tutor“.


Group exam preparation course online


Our group courses are characterized by a pleasant atmosphere and effective learning of speaking skills. Groups have a relatively small number of students, so the teacher can focus on each participant individually, which is helpful during the learning process. 


The good side of learning in a group is the fact that it gives You a lot of chances to communicate in a foreign language with many different people. You are not limited to conversations only with the teacher – you are able to talk with all the other students, exercising your listening and speaking skills.  Thanks to this you will get rid of your language barrier and you will feel comfortable alongside people that are on the same language level as you.


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If you are not sure what your language level is, we invite you to take our free English level test online. It is available on the webpage under the link:


Free English Level Test


The results of the test will be sent to You via e-mail.


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Planting such a tree is not only a fight against climate change, but also against the unemployment and poverty of local communities.


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If you want to confirm your level of knowledge in English, check out the Cambridge School of English Language Certificate. It will be proof of your language level and will be a great asset when looking for a job or when enrolling in a university!


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