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Nowadays, knowing the English language is a very valuable skill – it’s importance has heightened in the world post the second world war, due to globalization process and Americanization of culture.

It is also reflected in education, as in most countries in the world the knowledge of English on a communicative, basic level is required. People learn English all over the world – in schools and at universities. Good English language skills can be useful in the case of recruiting for foreign studies, qualifying for student exchange programs, when looking for a job and achieving higher positions in it.

However, in order to be able to do all this, we need proof of our language skills – for a potential school or employer. The function of such evidence is performed by various language certificates, which are obtained by passing exams.

Every language examination follows a distinct build and program. They assess various language skills through diverse approaches and across different domains. Hence, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the specific format, program and requirements before the real test. Our Exam preparation courses online for teens, students and adults provide the means to achieve this understanding!

These courses adopt multiple formats: you’ll get ready for the examination through the guidance of seasoned instructors, whether in a group setting, one-on-one, online. Our great e-learning platform, Cambridge-Exam.courses, can significantly help you in achieving your language goals!

On our platform you will find everything you need to prepare yourself for the selected language exam (and not only in English – also in languages such as Spanish, French, Mandarin and German!). Through numerous vocabulary and grammar cards, a study plan, a progress tracking function, sample exercises, recordings and our ‘mock exams’ – probationary  tests created by certified examiners, you will be able to achieve your goal, and familiarize yourself with the exam formula and learn how to manage your time during it.

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Exam preparation courses online for teens

Teens today have many opportunities – especially online – to come in contact with the English language. The knowledge of English, proven by a certificate, can be very valuable for young people – while applying for their first jobs or in education.

The FCE for schools and CAE for schools exam preparation courses for teens online are a great way to prepare yourself for those challenges and gain confidence in your English skills. 

During the group lessons you will expand your grammar and vocabulary skill at the required level and your communicative skills. The FCE exam tests English language skills at B2 level, while the CAE exam does it at C1 level.

Those courses can also be a great chance to meet new people, all while preparing for all aspects and thematics of the exams.

Along with our course, you will gain access to two great  e-learning platforms, thanks to which you will be able to learn in the most effective way – in the blended-learning formula, combining a traditional course with a teacher with independent practice of skills and consolidation of knowledge using the e-learning platform. Thanks to the Cambridge AI Speech Tutor, you will improve your pronunciation in English with the help of artificial intelligence, and with the help of Cambridge Online Tutor you will repeat all the required information and practice its use in practice, while solving the exam tasks.

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Exam preparation courses for student

While engaged in your studies, obtaining a language certificate can prove to be very useful. This achievement has the potential to open doors for studying abroad, participating in student exchange programs, or securing desirable job opportunities and student internships.

Within our language school Cambridge School of English, we offer a wide array of preparatory courses for many different certificates.

For students, the IELTS Academic certification holds great value. Numerous esteemed universities and higher education institutions in the EU accept IELTS scores for exemptions from internal exams and English language courses. Moreover, this certificate frequently contributes to earning credits in international student initiatives like Erasmus+.

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A particularly intriguing exam available for young individuals is the TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate, which equips you with the right to teach English. This qualification can lead to an extraordinary adventure – participating in international volunteering and teaching English as a part of the experience!

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Exam preparation courses online for adults

For adults, the most important are the language certificates, which will help them achieve new professional successes. At the Cambridge School of English, we offer an extensive array of business English exam preparation courses.

That involves exams such as: the BRIGHT English exam, the CPE exam (C2 level), the TOEFL exam, the Linguaskill exam, and an array of others – all of which can be effectively prepared for at our language school, Cambridge School of English!

Possessing tangible evidence of language proficiency at a business-oriented level holds great value within the realm of professional life. It is notably useful when looking for a job as an additional qualification, when applying for a higher position or in the case of willingness to work abroad as an additional argument.

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