TEFL Online Certification Course – Teaching English as a Foreign Language

TEFL Online Certification Course - Teaching English as a Foreign Language exam courses preparations

TEFL – Teaching English as a Foreign Language is one of the most widely recognized language certificates that allows you to work as an English language teacher in your own country or abroad.


Having the TEFL certificate highly expands your chances of finding a job as an English Language teacher. Currently there is a high demand for teachers of said language, because as of now 1.5 billion people are learning it and the number is steadily rising. Around 500 million people are willing to learn English, which means that there is a high demand for qualified teachers.


The TEFL certificate also opens up the chance of traveling to different countries and working in them as English language teachers. Thanks to the certificate you can use your educational and linguistic skills, not worrying about your income.


The TEFL certificate opens up new opportunities not only in terms of income and work. You can also choose to volunteer internationally. As a volunteer teacher, you have the opportunity to work in nursing homes, refugee centers or orphanages, where you can influence the lives of others by teaching English.


TEFL is not only learning specialized expressions, but above all a methodology for teaching English to people who are not English speakers. This certificate provides knowledge on how to be a good teacher, how to motivate students and develop their skills. It is also a self-development tool that allows you to gain specialist knowledge about the profession of an English language teacher.


The TEFL Online Certification Course offered by the language school Cambridge School of English will help you get ready for the work of a teacher, will prepare you for working with children and teenagers, you will learn effective learning methods. After completing the online course you will acquire your TEFL certificate, which will allow you to take on the job of an English language teacher.

TEFL Online Certification Course - Teaching English as a Foreign Language - profits in the education industry

During the course, you will learn how to…


  • Inspire the students to learn;
  • Present grammatical information;
  • Repeat the material;
  • Teach specific skillsets;
  • Teach in an inviting way;
  • Teach adults;
  • Teach children and teens;
  • Motivate the students to speak in a foreign language;
  • Plan the lessons;
  • Conduct language warm-ups;
  • Use Internet resources in the teaching process;
  • Be an independent and competent English teacher.

TEFL Online Certification Course – Teaching English as a Foreign Language – the profits while building your career:

The TEFL language course – Teaching English as a Foreign Language and the TEFL certificate will help you develop, start or change your career!


  • Thanks to the TEFL Certificate You can teach people of all ages!
  • You can teach in many different institutions – their type is not limited – in private, public and language schools!
  • You can combine your career development with helping other people – the TEFL Certificate enables you to take part in international voluntary work!


Thanks to the TEFL certificate, you will gain unlimited opportunities on the professional path of an English teacher – in many institutions, in many countries around the world. You will also be able to educate people of different age groups!

TEFL Online Certification Course - Teaching English as a Foreign Language - profits while traveling

If You want to combine your passion for traveling with building your career in the English language teaching industry, the TEFL certificate is a great way to do it. Why is that?

  • Working as a certified English teacher can provide you with funds for your dream travels!
  • You can work remotely – work and earn while traveling!
  • You can teach English abroad – you will get to know new places, people and a new culture, while earning and gaining valuable work experience.
  • You can volunteer internationally  – thanks to this you will combine traveling with helping others!

An important question that people who want to work in another country often ask themselves is the question of the demand for their skills on the international labor market.

Where is the largest demand for English language teachers?

It turns out that such a country is China! About 100,000 certified TEFL teachers are missing from the Chinese market. So if you dream of getting to know the culture of the most powerful Asian country, obtaining the TEFL certificate may be the beginning of this path!

Sign up for our TEFL language course – Teaching English as a Foreign Language and start packing your bags and getting ready for your dream trip!

TEFL Online Certification Course and Your Gap Year!

Because having a TEFL certificate opens up huge employment opportunities as a tutor or teacher all around the world. Thanks to this, you can travel to different places on the globe and find a job as an English teacher. With a TEFL certificate, you will also have the opportunity to teach in places such as nursing homes or refugee centers. You can also opt for any volunteer program of your choice (it is worth it to consider ProjectsAbroad, which offers such opportunities).

Join our TEFL Online Certification Course and find a way to have the Gap Year of your dreams!

To use all of the previously mentioned profits of our course and learn even more about the TEFL certificate, click here: TEFL Online Certification Course!