Which languages look best on a CV? The world’s most practical languages

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Greater opportunities in the job market are one of the main motivating factors for those who wish to learn languages.

Some are much more desirable to employers than others.

What are the most useful languages in the world, then?


A fairly obvious item on the list. English is used all over the world. Its knowledge is fundamental to functioning in the 21st century.  Knowing the language at an advanced level significantly increases the attractiveness of an employee.

Because of how widespread knowledge of English is, knowledge of business English or specialist language is desirable.

Business English can be learnt on specialised online courses that prepare the student for working in English-speaking environments.

This is one of the most common languages in the world. Spanish is spoken not only on the Iberian peninsula, but also throughout South and Central America.

The simultaneous knowledge of Spanish and English opens up opportunities halfway around the world. This language is also worth learning if you want to travel. You can communicate in Spanish not only in Latin America, but also, for example, in the Philippines.

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China is an economic giant and is gaining more and more importance in the international market with each passing year.

This is why learning Chinese is becoming increasingly popular.

It is definitely a very future forward choice.

Thanks to us, you can start learning Chinese right now.

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