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Reach the highest level of professionalism as a teacher and gain the necessary knowledge to teach English!

Cambridge Teacher Pack PRO: Examination course – TEFL language certificate for teachers + comprehensive learning English online

TEFL online + Cambridge AI Speech Tutor + Cambridge Online Tutor

Do you teach a foreign language? Or maybe you are just planning your career in this direction? No matter if you treat teaching a foreign language as your permanent job, additional occupation or a dream for the future – this package is for you! Cambridge Teacher Pack: Examination course – TEFL language certificate for teachers + improving English pronunciation online will make you get all the necessary skills and tools for teaching, as well as a certificate that will add a lot to your CV!

Our package is a combination of our two professional e-learning platforms:
– international platform preparing for TEFL certification
– a platform for self-learning correct English pronunciation Cambridge AI Speech Tutor
– a comprehensive platform for learning English all-in Cambridge Online Tutor


Examination course – TEFL language certificate for teachers

TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is a recognizable exam for people who plan to teach English as a foreign language. It certifies your skills not only in language, but also in teaching. Our course will prepare you for classroom teaching as well as for e-learning, which turns out to be extremely important and attractive for students nowadays. It also allows you to conduct lessons from all over the world (which is ideal for e.g. travelers who want to earn money for their trips, or teachers who want to teach international students without leaving their country). Do you imagine? You can sit in a French or other café and teach your students from China, Switzerland or Spain, between visiting the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre exhibitions. Doesn’t that sound fantastic?

You can choose the number of learning hours depending on your needs.

If you want to learn more about our TEFL Online course – click HERE or directly to our international platform.


Examination course – TEFL language certificate for teachers + comprehensive learning English online

To make your course as effective as possible, we’ve also added our unique and original platform – Cambridge AI Speech Tutor – to help you improve your English pronunciation and accent.


Improving English pronunciation online (Cambridge AI Speech Tutor)

Cambridge AI Speech Tutor Pro is a flexible self-teaching platform for learning proper pronunciation, using a native speaker’s accent. With access to this tool, you can improve your linguistic skills. The platform offers a choice between a British, American, and Australian accent, which makes it possible for you to speak English like a native speaker from your favorite country! In addition, in the Cambridge AI Speech Tutor Pro you will check your language level, adjust learning materials, and monitor your progress through the recording options.

Start your learning today and become a true master of English pronunciation! All you need to do is go to our global website click Fixed time plans – Speech Tutor “Pro” select the appropriate access length variant (1 day trial), add it to the cart, and in it, in the appropriate window, enter Cambridge-AI-100 code. Take advantage of the promotion!

Find out more about our innovative tool here and on our global website.


All-in e-learning platform (Cambridge Online Tutor)

Cambridge Online Tutor is a platform that has literally EVERYTHING you can expect from e-learning language learning. Here we have access to exam courses that will prepare you for your dream language certificate, as well as General English and Business English courses.

The platform provides hundreds of carefully prepared types of exercises grouped thematically: from grammar quizzes to tasks involving vocabulary, reading, listening, writing, business vocabulary as well as spelling exercises and text correction. Perhaps you will find there preparation for the second certificate you are interested in (and the third, fourth and tenth) or a specialist language course? Check!

You can read more about Cambridge Online Tutor – HERE.

Or you can test our platform before buying!

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