The easiest languages in the world- what languages to learn?

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Knowing multiple languages broadens horizons and is one of the most important skills in the world.

How do you learn many languages quickly? The answer is simple – learn the ones that are easiest.

Which languages are the easiest?


English is the most common language. It is in use all over the world and is considered indispensable in the 21st century.

Above all, English has a simple grammar that is intuitive and easy to learn.

Some may find learning pronunciation and accents difficult. If you are struggling with pronunciation, the “Cambridge” AI Speech Tutor can help.

As well as honing your pronunciation, this tool will help you learn accents such as British, American or Australian.

Spanish has very easy phonetics. Poles in particular find it easy to to get used to.

The grammar is not complicated, which makes the Spanish language even easier to learn.

You can learn Spanish in online classes with our Polish teacher or on your own on our innovative e-learning platform.

The best method of learning is blended learning which combines the methods discussed above, saving the student time and money.

Italian is particularly easy to learn when you already know Spanish, as they are very similar.

It is not only easy and logical, but it is also beautiful and sonorous.

You can also learn Italian with us.

We offer online courses at levels from A1-A2, or B1-B2.

This is definitely an unexpected item.

Swahili is spoken in Central and East Africa.

It has an extremely simple grammar and phonetics. This language also has a small number of words.

You can learn Swahili on the uTalk platform, where we offer 150+ languages. Even the most exotic ones.