Spanish or Italian? Which of these two languages is better to learn?

Spanish courses Italian Courses online Where to learn Spanish Should I learn Spanish or Italian? What are tghe differences between Spanish and Italian?

Both of these languages are highly popular. However, many face a dilemma: which one to choose.

The two languages have many similarities between them. There is nothing surprising about this when we know that they belong to the same family of languages.

The question is: Which of these languages is better to learn?


Spanish is very widely spoken around the world and has huge business potential.

Having simultaneous knowledge of English and Spanish opens you up to a huge number of professional opportunities.

Spanish is spoken throughout Latin America, on the Iberian Peninsula but also in the Philippines.

Spanish language courses will help you grasp the language in an accessible way.

Considered one of the most beautiful languages in the world. The Italian language is exceptionally resonant and appeals to many people all over the world. Despite being in less common use, Italian has an easier grammar than Spanish, which is an argument for choosing this language.

It is worth considering learning Italian if you are thinking of studying abroad.

Italy is home to a multitude of prestigious universities, such as the University of Bologna.

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