How can I check my progress while learning a foreign language? Checking language proficiency level online

How can I check my progress while learning a foreign language? Checking language proficiency level online

With systematic and persistent work, you can make progress every day. Sometimes they are invisible, but it is the small differences in learning a language that make you better and better. Each newly remembered word, grammatical structure or tense contributes to the improvement of your knowledge of a language. How can you check your current language proficiency level and see how much progress you have made?

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Check your language level with a free placement test

Taking placement tests is a great way to check your progress. However, don’t do them too often. If you take the test after a week of self-study, the results may not be as satisfying as you think. The most important thing is to learn regularly and repeat your knowledge. You must remember that learning a language is a long process. Also, don’t take the same test if you still remember the questions or answers to it, it won’t check your level but your memory of this particular test.

You can check your language proficiency level oline for free by completing one of our placement tests.

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Ask an experienced person to evaluate it. Our experienced teachers will gladly help you!

You can always ask your teacher or someone who knows the given language well, to rate your progress. Assessing that can be very simple, and it will only benefit you. If you’ve made progress, remember not to rest on your laurels until you are satisfied with the level of your skills. If you want to be sure that your learning schedule is kept on the right track, you can consider enrolling in one of our courses. We guarantee you professionalism both from our teacher and company. We have over 30 years of experience in teaching foreign languages; provide methodological support to our teachers (both native speakers and non-native speakers). We care about the school’s approach to teaching and inform teachers on an ongoing basis about global trends in teaching foreign languages. You can always ask the teacher to evaluate your progress in learning. Teachers use various teaching methods that are individually adapted to your needs.

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Enrol in an online or stationary language class to make sure you are making progress

Another way is to sign up for a one-time class or a whole course with a teacher who will competently assess your knowledge. This is a good solution because a qualified person can pay attention to what you already know and what you still need to improve in your language skills and will advise you on how to increase its level. He/she can direct you to the right learning path that will allow you to achieve your dream in the shortest and most effective way possible. A teacher will also check your pronunciation, which is an additional advantage of such a lesson. You can also sign up for our language audit, which will be assessed by our highly skilled academic team of experienced teachers and confirm your knowledge of a foreign language. It’s a very good solution for people who do not want to sign up for additional lessons, but at the same time want to have a certificate confirming their language proficiency, which can be useful at work.

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