Why language learning is so important for young people all over the world?

Why language learning is so important for young people? Because most of internet/online content is in english!
Why should you learn english? Because most of internet content is in english!

English is an essential language in the modern world. There are 1.35 billion anglophones, which accounts for 17% of the world’s population. While this figure initially appears less significant than expected, this is within the scope of the entire world. 

Internet is full of English content

If we take a look at the internet, a much different picture is created. 54.9% of internet content is published in the English language, followed by Russian content which holds 6.1%. This makes even a basic knowledge of English become useful when trying to use the internet. 

You Tube

Why language learning is so important for young people? Too watch ore youtube channels
Why should you learn english online?

On the other hand, this content could be anything. It could be something completely uninteresting and irrelevant to you as an individual. Rather, we can look at Youtube, which is a video platform which has the main purpose of entertainment. 28% of Youtube content posted by “popular” Youtube channels is in English, which makes learning English beneficial for a viewer as that way they can understand more videos. This has become even more critical as Youtube has removed community-contributed subtitles from the website.

English in online games

Why language learning is so important for young people? To play video games online in English!
Why should you learn English intensively? To play video games online in english!

Finally, you are able to communicate better with other people in online games. This can help you form more social connections and perform better. This isn’t exclusive to online games, however, as this English knowledge can help you to understand the plot of single-player games if they are not translated. This particularly applies to independently made games which often do not have the resources to translate their dialogue into different languages apart from the largest demographics, which usually include English.

For perspective, only around 9000 games on Steam (an online game distribution platform) are translated into Polish, which contrasts to the 30,000+ which are translated into English. There is some overlap between these two categories, but it still highlights how useful English is for people who enjoy video games as a hobby.

So, if you ask me, English is certainly worth learning!

Lucia G., 14-year-old from Coventry, England

Published date: 2021.07.28