What to do in order not to abandon the foreign language learning? Find your motivation to achieve a language goal!

What to do in order not to abandon the foreign language learning? Find your motivation to achieve a language goal!

Many people start learning a foreign language and, if they can’t see the results soon enough, they lose their motivation and without achieving a language goal, they give up. Finding motivation to learn is a key to achieving a language goal. Remember that progress comes with time, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t improve as fast as you thought. Don’t expect too much of yourself, little steps will be much better at the beginning of your journey while learning a language. There is no need to rush – because it won’t work as well as learning in small sessions.

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Ask yourself, what is my motivation to learn a foreign language online or stationary?

Find your motivation to learn a new language. It doesn’t matter whether you study to find a better job, study abroad, whatever you choose it needs to be important for you. Every purpose is good, so never forget why you truly want to learn. This will help you, in times of weakness, to remind yourself of how important achieving your language goal is. You can also list these reasons and put them in a place that you often look at. For those who respond better to visual boards, you can even make an inspiration list where you plan out your life on the basis of you learning a new language.

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Celebrate small learning steps to keep yourself motivated

Remember that even small successes show your progress. Let’s suppose you learnt a piece of new vocabulary. In itself, it may seem not so valuable. However, if you think about it all, these small steps will get you closer and closer to your end goal – being able to speak a foreign language. Try to spot these little successes as you learn and they will give you confidence and determination to keep learning.

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Celebrate small accomplishments in learning a new language online or stationary

After achieving your small language goal, you should reward yourself. It doesn’t have to be a big reward – it can be just a little trifle that will make your day better, for example – going for a walk or eating your favourite dish. These little motivating activities will leave you eager to learn more. All you have to do is allow yourself to do your favourite things as a reward, which will definitely help you a lot with achieving your language goal. Also, remember not to push yourself to work beyond your limits. Progress is important, but it takes time. Nobody becomes a professional in one day! Therefore, it is important that the goals are relatively small and achievable in the short time. Short-term goals are better, because they will make you keep moving forward. Once you set too big of a goal it’s harder to achieve it and you can lose motivation, feel bad about yourself and even give up on learning a new language. If you work systematically and focus on learning, your knowledge will certainly improve.

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Make learning a foreign language an adventure, not a chore

Try to think of your destination as a long journey you want to experience. It will take some time and you may encounter difficulties during it, but the most critical thing is not to stop and to remember about the goal you are striving for. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Some people have already finished this journey and can help you, by giving tips, explaining individual problems or giving full lessons or language courses. The most important thing is to be determined and not to give up, because the achieved goal will be worth the effort!

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