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Memorizing vocabulary can be a challenging task when learning new languages.

So how do you memorize them?

There are many ways to learn new vocabulary. Find out more about them by reading this article and learn even more effectively!

Putting new words in context can help you learn them. When learning a language, try to construct as many sentences as possible that show examples of the word’s use.

Repeating new vocabulary is a good way to remember it. You can, for example, verbally repeat the word each time along with the definition, or write it down. The second option will be particularly effective if the spelling of a word is difficult to remember.

Many of us learn while writing down notes. This technique is most effective when we are trying to explain a concept in our own words. If you are at a more advanced level of learning a language, it is also a good idea to write down the definition of a word in the language you are learning (rather than a literal translation into Polish).

The most traditional way to learn. Flash cards are usually double-sided cards that have a concept or word on one side and a definition or literal translation on the other.

 They are a great tool for learning new vocabulary especially for those with a well-developed memory.

Mnemonics are gaining popularity as the most effective way to memorize. They consist in forming associations related to the information being learnt.

You can find out more about mnemonics here.

Of course, there are more ways to learn new vocabulary. There are as many ways to learn as there are people in the world. The best learning results are achieved when we find the most effective ways for us to assimilate new knowledge.

The best results can be achieved through blended learning, which combines self-directed studying and lessons with a tutor.