“Language Cert” online exam preparation course


“Language Cert” online exam preparation course


Language Cert is an English language exam that checks the level of language competence in the work environment at levels A1 to C1 on the Council of Europe scale. It is recognized by several thousand companies, organizations and institutions around the world.

3 and 12 months of full access and login to our international online platform to prepare yourself for your online exam:

* vocabulary and grammar study sheets
* tracking progress with statistics support
* 200 sample exercises
* 60 training hours
* 5 practical tests / mock exams
* study plan, based on your exam date

Exercise wherever you want on the device of your choice.

Over 700,000 people from around the world have already passed their exams thanks to our platform.

Now it’s your turn.

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“Language Cert” online exam preparation course


Achieve your dream Language Cert score!

Do you want to pass the Language Cert exam and start your studies abroad, or prepare for a new career step?


Our online self-learning platform (can be also used in blended learning mode together with a real teachers support – you can find our individual language courses with teachers here) will make your training easy and effective, no matter how difficult the goal is, you want to achieve. Thanks to the various training modes, you will experience the real exam conditions and prepare yourself properly for this great day.

Pass the Language Cert test using:

  • example exercises – get access to training hours and corrected questions
  • Language Cert mock exams – train in real test conditions by doing  mock exams
  • Grammar and vocabulary worksheets – Review the main exam topics using our handy worksheets
  • personalized tracking – monitor your progress with statistics support
  • flexibility – practice wherever you want on the device of your choice

During the Language Cert online course:

  • you will prepare for a globally popular exam confirming your knowledge of English in the work environment
  • you will learn vocabulary and how to deal with professional situations
  • prepare for both exam modules: Listening & Reading and Speaking & Writing
  • you will prepare for work in professional environment in which the main advantage is the ability to communicate in English

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The Online Exam preparation courses can be used either as pure e-learning course or also in combination with a teacher in one of our virtual class rooms – see our packages and offers, or just book whenever you feel any need, additional individual online lessons in one of our virtual class rooms here in our webshop.