Learning Grammar in a Foreign Language

Effective learning Grammar in a Foreign Language Easy grammar learning in languages online

Learning grammar in a foreign language is key in becoming fluent in said language. Understanding and using the right grammatical rules allows you to effectively communicate with other people, while avoiding miscommunication and mistakes. In practice there are a few most important grammatical rules that are worth knowing.

Effective learning Grammar in a Foreign Language Easy grammar learning in languages online

Learning Grammar in a Foreign Language - main rules and common mistakes

The first rule that occurs in most languages is the sentence structure. The most simple sentence consists of a subject, verb and the object. It is important to understand, what are the differences in the order of these elements depending on the foreign language. For example, most sentences in English use this order: subject – verb – object (SVO) (e. g. “She eats an apple). In other languages this order might be different, for example in japanese: subject – object – verb (SOV) (“Watashi wa ringo o tabemashita“ – “I an apple ate”). In other languages the order of those parts relies on the tense you’re using. Such a situation we can encounter in, for example, the German language.


Another important rule is the correct use of tenses. Each language has different tenses, such as: past, present, future, as well as continued forms, perfectives, etc. A common mistake is to use tenses incorrectly or to mix them up. It is important to understand the context and circumstances that determine the choice of the appropriate sentence structure.


Another common grammatical error is the incorrect use of articles, forms and numerals. In some languages, articles matter, and using them correctly can be crucial to understanding a sentence. In addition, there are differences in the forms of the number, such as singular and plural. Incorrect use of these items can lead to miscommunication.

Effective learning Grammar in a Foreign Language Easy grammar learning in languages online

Learning Grammar in a Foreign Language - ways of effective studying

The best way of learning, remembering and using  grammatical rules in practice is using the foreign language in everyday situations. Here are some effective ways of doing that:


Read and listen in a foreign language: Exposing yourself to authentic examples of grammar in context will help you understand how those previously cited rules are used in practice. Read books, articles, watch movies and listen to podcasts and radio broadcasts in the language you’re learning.


Write and speak regularly: Practicing writing and speaking in a foreign language will allow you to practice the application of grammar rules. You can keep a diary, write an essay or talk to others in a foreign language.


Use textbooks and educational materials: Get good and reliable grammar books that explain the rules clearly and include exercises. Also use online materials such as interactive courses and websites that offer exercises and quizzes.


Get a teacher, take part in language courses: A teacher might be able to help you identify your mistakes and provide specific, individualized guidance. If you don’t have the resources to get a teacher, try to get a partner with whom you can converse in the foreign language you’re learning and who will help you identify errors and improve your grammar.


Use and repeat: Regularly repeating and using grammatical rules is key in remembering them. Use your newly acquired knowledge frequently, so that using correct grammar becomes natural and automatic for you.


To sum up, learning grammar in a foreign language in practice requires understanding the most important grammar rules, identifying the most common mistakes and using effective learning strategies. By practicing the language in a variety of situations through reading, writing, listening and speaking, you can achieve a better understanding and ability to apply grammar in real situations.

Effective learning Grammar in a Foreign Language Easy grammar learning in languages online

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