Innovative online learning through authentic video content and articles

Innovative online learning through authentic video content and articles

Can you imagine having a robot wolf? Have you ever wondered about the work of flying paramedics? Do you know what diving for wild oysters in Sweden is like?

You will find answers to these, and many other questions, on the Sensations English e-learning platform – all whilst actively and effectively learning!

How to learn English online with Sensation English?

Sensations English is a modern and original e-learning platform for learning English.

The learning process is carried out with the help of authentic videos and articles from around the world, and a rich set of various activities. Each lesson is adapted to 5 levels of language proficiency (from level A1 to level C1).

You can be sure that you have access to fresh information as the website is updated 3 times a week! The subject of each lesson is interesting and extremely diverse.

Thanks to the online formula, you learn whenever and wherever you want!

Learn English through videos and articles

Sensations English releases new videos or articles to build lessons on three times a week. All materials are authentic and up to date. A full transcript is also included with each video.

Everything is adapted to your language level. 

A user who is just starting his/her adventure with English will have a different experience than someone with better language skills. Whilst watching a  movie, beginners will hear the voice of the teacher speaking slowly and very clearly. On the other hand, the recipient at an advanced level of skill in the language will hear the authentic audio of people speaking with a native accent, along with all the sounds of the environment for a natural experience. However, the articles are varied through the vocabulary used, grammatical structures and the length of the text.

Video on learning English online

  • You learn vocabulary or grammar in the context of real situations. Authentic video materials provide a huge amount of knowledge, not only about the English language, but also about the world ..
  • You have the opportunity to listen to authentic accents from native and non-native speakers.
  • A transcript is attached to all recordings, which allows for an in-depth understanding of the information provided, checking the spelling or the grammatical structure used. The movies also have subtitles, which allows you to combine the words spoken with what is written. It will improve your reading and writing and, at the same time, your listening!

Features of learning English on the e-learning platform

  • Engaging and motivating learning materials.
  • Authentic, interesting and inspiring topics that make you think.
  • Context-based linguistic information.
  • Flexible online learning.
  • Materials adapted to each language level.

Thematic division of online English lessons

The Sensations English platform has 7 subjects to choose from. Each user will find an interesting space for themselves. Learning English will become more enjoyable.

  • Community
  • Culture
  • Entertainment 
  • Hard News
  • Innovation
  • Lifestyle
  • Natural World

In each unit you will find a large amount of current news, films and articles from all over the world.

Five different levels of English proficiency

Each lesson is adapted to each of the five levels of advancement (from A1 to C1). Their reliability is confirmed by MetaMetrics.

You set the level on your profile, but you can complete the topics at all difficulty levels without changing your main level.

You don’t know what your language proficiency level is?

You can check it out by completing a short test on our website or on Sensations English.

Access to the e-learning platform

Our school – Cambridge School of English – offers access to the Sensation English platform for a period of 12 months. If, however, you want to purchase a smaller access – for 3 or 6 months – you can do it directly via Sensation English.

How to start learning English on the e-learning platform? Step by step

1) Purchase access to the e-learning platform.

2) You will get an invitation to the platform via e-mail, with the special link 

3) Log in to Sensations English using the link from the e-mail

4) Add your level of language proficiency – take the placement language test or set the level manually (don’t worry, you can always change it later).

5) Choose one of the 7 subjects and material which interests you.

6) At this stage, you also have the option to select the language level that will be changed only in this material, your general level (marked in the profile) will remain unchanged. 

7) Watch the video or read the article at the beginning of the lesson.

8) Test yourself by completing the tasks related to the topic.

9) Monitor your progress.

Congratulations, you have completed the first English online lesson, keep it up!