In-company training – Business English Language courses for companies – why are they so important?

In-company training - Business English Language courses for companies - why are they so important?

The modern world of business is standing before the challenges brought along with the globalization process and the constantly rising complexity of international relations. In this context, the skill of flexible and fluent communication in English becomes crucial. Conducting Business English language courses for companies has become very important in the quest of succeeding in the highly competitive, international business environment.

How do these Business English Language courses for companies help your company grow?

They enable the employees to gain key language skills, needed for maintaining effective communication – internal and external. In international teams and in relations with clients and business partners, fluent exchange of information in English speeds up processes, minimizes the risk of errors resulting from misunderstandings and strengthens the professional image of the company.


Moreover, our Business English Language courses for companies also give the opportunity to learn the specialized vocabulary, phrases and expressions used in their specific line of work.

Consequently, this leads to improved quality of customer service, enhanced accuracy in reporting, and increased effectiveness in presentations.


Supporting employees in developing language skills brings great benefits for the entire company. This can lead to increased efficiency of operational activities, strengthening relations between teams in different countries and opening new business perspectives on the international arena.


All these reasons and benefits have become the foundation for the creation of a wide range of In-company training in business English (and English for specific purposes) for companies by the Cambridge School of English.


Read on, to find out how our In-company training can help you and your company succeed!

Business English Language courses for companies at Cambridge School of English

Our language school Cambridge School of English has a long history of conducting in-company business English courses – starting back in 1991. Through over 30 years of activity we have imparted an extensive volume of language expertise to our clients, covering Business English and various other languages. Additionally, we arrange training programs for enterprises in languages such as German, Spanish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, Serbian, Korean, and Mandarin.

Our corporate Business English courses, similar to our complete array of language programs (including individual, group, online courses), stand out for their remarkable adaptability in multiple aspects. Among these is the freedom to tailor the timetable according to the client’s requirements, with a wide array of dates to choose from. Moreover, we allow the modification of the educational curriculum at any point. 

We guarantee that the level and educational program of the course will be accurately adapted to the needs and skills of your team – thanks to the language audit conducted by our qualified methodologists, we will create a course perfect for you and your team!

Our highly qualified methodologists  oversee the curriculum and course progression. They also integrate new and efficient learning approaches, like the natural and direct method. These techniques revolve around the core concept of minimizing the reliance on one’s native language during the process of learning a new one. In lessons that incorporate these techniques, only English is used. This approach leads to the dismantling of language barriers, swifter absorption of new material, and enhanced creativity in English communication.

Composed of many skilled, certified, and ambitious educators, our teaching staff includes both native and non-native speakers who are dedicated to the craft of teaching. Several among them possess additional qualifications beyond linguistic expertise, such as in the field of business. This expanded knowledge equips them with a deeper understanding of market dynamics, which leads them to forming better relationships with their trainees and in making the course a better and highly professional process.

The trainers choose teaching materials for the workshops based on their pertinence to the subject matter and their intriguing nature. Teachers enhance the courses by incorporating elements like TED Talks monologues, contemporary news articles, conversational prompts, excerpts from the newest and best textbooks, reports, language-oriented games, and authentic recordings.

During the classes, all the most important language skills will be developed – with an emphasis on the ability to communicate in professional situations. Our courses are also designed to develop the professional skills of the trainees – for example, the skills of preparing and presenting presentations of products or conducting negotiations in Business English.

Other than our Business English Language courses for companies, our Cambridge School of English also conducts English for Specific Purposes courses for Companies. In their case, the teachers are often also educated in the field in which they teach specialized English. The ESP Masterclasses courses include: legal English, English for logistics and supply chain management, for the IT department, for the healthcare sector, in banking and finance or in sales and marketing and many other types of industries!

The clients that have taken advantage of our offer of In-company training in Business English and in our ESP courses include such companies as Coca-Cola, Hines, the EU institution “Frontex”, Nestle, Linux and many more!

If they put their trust in us, so can you!

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