How can you check your progress in learning English or other foreign languages?

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How can I check my progress in learning a foreign language?

With systematic and persistent work, you make progress every day. Sometimes they are not visible, but it’s the small differences in language learning that make you increasingly proficient. Each newly memorized word, reinforced construction, or repeated tense contributes to improving your knowledge of the language. But how can you check your current level of language proficiency and see your progress?

Check at what level of proficiency you are in a foreign language

Taking leveling tests is a great way to check your progress. However, do not take them too often. If you take a test after a week of self-study, the results may not be satisfactory. The most important thing is to learn and repeat. You also need to remember that learning a language is a long-term process. You can check your level for free by taking one of our leveling tests.

How to evaluate your progress in learning a foreign language?

Assessing progress is very important because it adds motivation and allows you to learn about your strengths and weaknesses. It’s worth checking your learning progress from time to time because it will make it easier for you to stick to your language learning plans. Ask an experienced person for an evaluation. You can always ask your teacher or someone who speaks English well to evaluate your progress. Assessing how you are doing can be very simple and will bring only benefits.

Enroll in classes to make sure you are making progress.

Another way is to enroll in one-time classes or a course with a teacher who can competently assess your knowledge. This is a good solution because such a qualified person can point out what is better and worse in your language proficiency and advise you on how to raise it. In addition, they can guide you on the appropriate course of study that will allow you to achieve your desired progress in the shortest possible time. They can also check your pronunciation, which is an additional advantage of such a meeting. 

You can also enroll in our language audit, which will assess and confirm your knowledge of the foreign language. This is a very good solution for people who do not want to sign up for additional lessons but would like to have a certificate confirming their language proficiency, which can be useful at work. Learn more about the Cambridge School of English language audit: Remember, progress will come with time. Remember that learning a language takes time, so don’t be discouraged if you feel that your progress is disproportionate to the time spent learning. Only a person who knows the language well and a teacher can evaluate this. It’s worth remembering that progress is even each newly learned, single word.