English language course “English for Presentation” course online Business English

English for presentation business english courses online in a language school

In today’s global economy, many different business functions require the ability to effectively convey information and ideas persuasively in English, across various contexts and situations. There is an increasing need to communicate this information in English to international audiences. It is essential to be able to communicate in English clearly, correctly, and persuasively in a professional context with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders. Having effective presentation skills in English is invaluable. Our “English for Presentation” course will help interested individuals acquire these skills, making presentations in English no longer a challenge.

Translating theory into practice - "English for Presentation online Business Course

English for presentation business english courses online in a language school

Our course is part of the Specialized Group Programs in English and encourages participants to share ideas and experiences to facilitate the development of presentation skills in contexts related to their professional work. The program is tailored to the participants’ needs and focuses on developing language skills through practical presentations, expanding vocabulary, language analysis, group discussions, and regular feedback from the group and individuals. All of this is aimed at creating professional presentations that enable effective communication with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders in English.

During the "English for Presentation" course, we will develop practical language skills in the following areas:

English for presentation business english courses online in a language school

Understanding presentations:

  • Defining and redefining presentation objectives
  • Analyzing key elements of successful presentations
  • Evaluating factors contributing to presentation success, such as planning, structure, and delivery style

Understanding the presentation audience:

  • Identifying the target audience for the presentation
  • Engaging with the audience
  • Recognizing audience expectations
  • Anticipating audience reactions and planning responses

Preparing the presentation:

  • Crafting and delivering a clear message
  • Organizing presentation content, scriptwriting, material editing, and using notes to highlight key points
  • Creating effective visuals, considering content, design, clarity, and presentation stages
  • Efficiently managing presentation time
  • Addressing cultural differences through an intercultural checklist

Delivering the presentation:

  • Analyzing verbal and nonverbal elements of presentations
  • Increasing confidence and conveying stance through precise body language tuning
  • Delivering impactful presentations, influencing and persuading
  • Utilizing emphasis, repetition, and softening techniques
  • Choosing clear and concise English language, practicing pronunciation, and adjusting vocal tone
  • Referring to visual materials and providing recommendations

Advanced presentation techniques:

  • Using the triple model (ethos, pathos, logos)
  • Employing rhetorical techniques
  • Incorporating contrast in presentations
  • Considering linguistic diversity
  • Effectively concluding the presentation, summarizing, and handling questions

Benefits after finishing Business English Course “English for Presentation”:

English for presentation business english courses online in a language school
  • Improving English language skills in the context of business presentations
  • Benchmarking your skills against other professionals
  • Receiving individual feedback on the art of presenting in English
  • Enhancing presentation skills in English to be more persuasive and effective
  • Applying acquired skills to create and prepare audience-focused presentations
  • Boosting confidence when presenting to clients, colleagues, and stakeholders in various business situations
  • Receiving a checklist to aid self-assessment and improvement continuation
  • Rapidly tracking the development of overall language skills