Weekend group online English courses with a non-native speaker or native speaker (A2-C2)


English language courses “Premium VALUE”

Course start: September or October 2023
Course schedule: to be selected above
The course includes: 60 lesson hours x 45 minutes + 1 month of free access to the Cambridge AI Speech Tutor platform
Language: General English or Business English
Level: A2 – C2
Lector: Native or Non-native Speaker


+ 3 months of free access to the Cambridge Online Tutor educational platform – The key to success: blended learning

+ 1 month of free access to the Cambridge AI Speech Tutor platform – an innovative tool for self-learning English pronunciation

+ confirmation of completion of the course


***Hours of courses are given in UTC+01:00 (Western European Summer Time) ***



There’s no registration fee.

For the course to start, the group should consist of at least four people.

Weekend group online English courses (General or Business English) with a non-native speaker or native speaker (A2-C2)

+ online self-learning tool for learning correct English pronunciation and accent

We invite you to take advantage of our offer of group online  English courses with first-class native and non-native speakers at any of the four levels (A2-C2).



During Group online English courses General English with a non-native speaker or native speaker (A2-C2):

– you will learn new grammatical forms and vocabulary in a friendly atmosphere;
– you will gain the ability to deal with everyday communication in English;
– you will meet new people for talks and discussions in English;
– you will work with a variety of additional materials such as tapes, tickets, crosswords, videos, songs and articles.



During the Group online English courses Business English with a non-native speaker or native speaker (A1-C2):

– you will build communication skills in the area of ​​Business English;
– you will use Business English in practice;
– you will practice real language situations in a business environment;
– you will improve communication skills in situations such as presentations, negotiations, speeches, etc.;
– you will learn the rules of selected business correspondence.



Nice atmosphere, the teachers’ patience, interesting topics. The language course is also a great opportunity to meet new people, have a captivating conversation about cultural differences and take a break from everyday duties.


English language course:

– 48 lesson hours x 45 minutes with a non-native or native speaker (to choose from) and one month of free access to the Cambridge AI Speech Tutor platform.
– Classes in a small groups, thus each participant of the course improves their language skills.
– Classes aimed at developing 4 key language competencies with an emphasis on speaking.
– Interesting learning materials.
– Certificate of completion of the course.



There’s no registration fee.

For the course to start, the group should consist of at least four people.


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Comprehensive educational e-learning platform – Key to success

The e-learning platform, offered by our English language school Cambridge School of English, is a modern tool used as a supplement to traditional General English and Business English courses, but also to prepare for all the different English language exams and certificates online with a lector. It is a great online solution that allows you to study in the blended-learning or flipped classroom formula, but also as a comprehensive independent language learning.

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Before purchasing an English language course, you can complete the free online language level test. It is available on our website:


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You can also contact us anytime to get further information regarding the individual courses and options available at – contact@cambridgeschool.online.