Planning a trip to Spain? Spanish language courses at an online language school. Summer holidays 2024

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Sandy beaches, warm sunshine and sea breezes….

Spain is definitely a popular holiday destination.

Mastering it does not require a huge amount of effort, and knowing this beautiful language will certainly make it easier for you to travel not only to Spain, but also to the whole of South America, Central America or even the Philippines.

With access to our innovative uTalk e-learning platform, you can learn any language on your own.

Including the Spanish language.

You can manage your own time and set your own learning pace.

You can also learn Spanish on our other e-learning platform- “Cambridge” Exam Courses.  It covers all levels of advancement up to B2

During your individual Spanish language lessons, you will have 100 per cent of the teacher’s attention.

As a result, it will be much easier to target and eliminate your weak points.

Blended learning is the most effective way to learn a foreign language. It involves combining learning on our innovative e-learning platform with lessons with a qualified teacher.

Blended learning saves both time and money!

Why? Because the teacher has access to your work and can see, what do you struggle the most with. Thanks to that, you can make your lessons way more productive!

Or are you perhaps on a more intermediate level and wish to earn a certificate in the Spanish language?

In “Cambridge” School of English, you can prepare for the Bright Español exam for example.

We will also prepare you for the DELE language exam, which also tests your proficiency in Spanish.

These exams will be especially useful when you decide to study in a Hispanic country.

Learning Spanish is not difficult. Thanks to the “Cambridge” School of English, you will learn this language quickly!

Don’t wait and check out our courses!