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Individual language lessons online English courses online Spanish German French Italian

Individual lessons are a highly sought-after form of learning foreign languages.

Why? Primarily because you receive the teacher’s full attention. Let’s explore the languages you can learn in a 1:1 format at “Cambridge” School of English.

We offer many types of individual English language courses online, tailored to meet various needs.

Do you want to prepare for a language exam?

The Intensive Individual Online Course will be perfect for you! This course will help you prepare for exams like FCE, CAE, IELTS, or TOEIC.

Pronunciation improvement

Or perhaps you want to improve your pronunciation?

Individual conversations with a native speaker will be the choice for you!

We especially recommend blended learning classes – combining lessons with a qualified instructor and individual work on the e-learning platform.

Blended learning is an exceptionally effective way to learn foreign languages.

English Skill Pills Business English are individual lessons that will teach you business vocabulary from scratch!

This package offers specialized lessons for sectors such as IT, law, and even medicine.

Specialized English for Your Industry

Do you want to develop in your industry? At “Cambridge” School of English, you can learn specialized English for the pharmaceutical industry in an individual mode.

At our language school, you can learn Spanish through blended learning, which combines the flexibility of online learning with the personalized nature of individual lessons.

Certification exam preparation

Perhaps you want to prepare individually for a Spanish certification exam? That’s also possible! DELE or Bright Español won’t be scary for you!

Individual Language Lessons Online: German Language

The offer of individual online courses with blended learning also includes the German language.

This approach allows you to benefit from personalized instruction while also accessing a wealth of online resources.

German courses on an e-learning platform

You can also learn German on our e-learning platform- “Cambridge” Online Tutor.

Certification Exam Preparation

We will also prepare you for certification exams in German, such as WiDaF , Bright Deutsch, or TELC

Individual Language Lessons Online: French Language

At “Cambridge” School of English, you can also learn French in a 1:1 format, which is perfect for personalized attention and rapid progress. The package includes e-learning platform, making it an e-learning course.

French on an e-learning platform

You can also learn French online on our e-learning platform- “Cambridge” Online Tutor.

We will also prepare you for any French certification exam, such as DELF or TCF.

Individual Language Lessons Online: Italian Language

Our blended learning courses with individual lessons also include Italian. This method ensures you get the best of both worlds: structured learning and personal interaction.

Italian on an e-learning platform

You can learn many different languages with us.

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With our wide range of courses and expert instructors, “Cambridge” School of English offers you the best path to mastering a new language, tailored specifically to your needs. Whether you’re looking to improve your English, or venture into learning Spanish, German, French or Italian languages, we have the perfect course for you.

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