25 minutes e-conversation language lessons

What is it ? 

The aim of this 25-minute online course with a teacher is to help you improve your oral English, to prepare you for an exam, an interview, or even a trip. If you don’t feel comfortable speaking, these lessons will help you express yourself better, speak clearly, fluently with correct vocabulary. We can help you prepare for college entrance exams, interviews, or even if you are planning to move.

How is it ? 

Classes last 25 minutes and enable the acquisition of new knowledge at a high level of concentration. 

Language classes are intended for children and youth, but also adults. 

The aim of the course is to broaden the scope of vocabulary and grammar, as well as to improve communication and pronunciation in a foreign language. 

Language classes are always personalized and tailored to take into account the student’s language needs and goals. Currently the most popular options are, 25-minute General or Business English lessons, but we also offer other popular and less popular languages ​​(Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, Norwegian, Dutch and others).

Our students also choose specialist language and academic writing courses.

What sets our offer apart?

You can choose the language lessons whenever you want, any day any time (morning, noon, evening), work from the desired location. You choose, nothing is imposed on you.

You will benefit from approved and experienced teachers.

The teaching material is included in the price of the course.

We also offer language exam training, so if you need to take a language exam to prove your level, we are also qualified to help you.

Our online start-up individual language lessons package focuses on intensive speaking and listening. We develop fluency of speech and improve correct pronunciation. We guarantee a wide range of communication exercises and interesting topics depending on your needs.

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